Tonight's solstice combines with a full moon and a meteor shower. I had planned to hike up to the top of the ridge and camp, in spite of the cold, in order to observe these wonders. Unfortunately, a snowstorm has blown in, and visibility is negligible.

So instead I shall sit by the fire indoors. I hope you have a good winter and a warm.


Assistant Village Idiot said...

I have a local mountain I sometimes climb on holiday mornings, but I never consider camping there in December.


Assistant Village Idiot said...


Thought this might fit.

Grim said...

That last is very funny! A real album, or more likely just an internet joke?

Your mountain looks pleasant. I enjoy a good hike more than almost anything. Cold weather camping isn’t always pleasant, but one does tend to have plenty of peace and quiet. I’ve been camping in February and early March when I might have hundreds of acres to myself. Thousands, for all I know. Some of the big wildernesses get empty when it’s cold and also not hunting season.

Ymarsakar said...

Try using a magnifying on full or half bright moon light, and see what it does to skin and temperature differences of objects.

Hint: if moonlight is reflected sun light, then the thermal gradient would either increase slowly or not increase at all due to ambient and other known or unknown factors.

Hint 2: that's not what experimental data shows.

The full moon is useful for a lot of adepts that draw in the energies of the Earth leylines, magnetic field toroid, and heavenly energies. Or in other words, quantum, not classical.

douglas said...

It's unfortunate the conditions turned out as they did, as I hear that despite the fact there have been four in my lifetime, it's the not for quite some time that we'll have a full moon on Winter solstice again (2094!).