In the Cathedral of May

But how many months be in the year?
There are thirteen, I say;
The midsummer moon is the merryest of all
Next to the merry month of May.
IN summer time, when leaves grow green,
And flowers are fresh and gay,
Robin Hood and his merry men
Were [all] disposed to play.

Then some would leap, and some would run,
And some use artillery:
'Which of you can a good bow draw,
A good archer to be?

'Which of you can kill a buck?
Or who can kill a doe?
Or who can kill a hart of grease,
Five hundred foot him fro?

Queen Guinevere's Maying

1 comment:

Tom said...

Ya know, no one in the painting appears particularly happy. This is a stark contrast with the scene in the musical Camelot.

Great bit from the Robin Hood tales, and I enjoyed the 2004 post you linked. 500 feet would be quite a shot.

I'll have to look into May traditions sometime, but getting out into the woods seems a worthwhile start.