Elmore James (1918-1963)

"Dust My Broom" opens with one of the best-known blues riffs of all time. BB King used it later on.

James wrote "The Sky Is Crying" in 1960 or so. Stevie Ray Vaughn (1954-1990) did a good version of it.


Gringo said...

Yes, a very well known riff. Did James originate it? I believe the first time I heard the riff was in Paul Butterfield's Look Over Yonder's Wall. At the time, I didn't know about BB King, though courtesy of the folk influence I had a Leadbelly album.

Tom said...

I don't know if he actually did, but Wikipedia thought so. It's hard to tell about blues, though. The old bluesmen picked up anything they liked and didn't worry about copyright, so who knows?