Iran: We Can Enrich Better Than Ever!

Somehow the fact that they've improved their enrichment capacity under the deal is meant to be a good argument for keeping the deal in place? This is not the best deal ever.

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E Hines said...

To some extent, Salehi's claim is a sophistry: it's always been the case that Iran has the technical capability to enrich uranium to a higher level than it could before a multinational nuclear deal was reached. That "than it could before" never was a limit. It's far easier to enrich uranium from 3.6% to weapons grade purity than it is to get from uranium salt to 3.6%.

And if we extend Netanyahu's remarks just a little, Iran has been setting up to do that right along. If they've not already been doing that at any of the several military sites they won't allow (and aren't required to allow under the JCPOA) inspectors to inspect.

Eric Hines