Purely Coincidence, Your Honor

The judge who is overseeing the dispute between Trump and his DOJ employees was Bill Clinton's second (failed) Attorney General nominee, and personally officiated at the last wedding of George Soros.

Is there anyone involved in the Mueller investigation, apparently to include the judges themselves, who isn't a member of the Clinton faction?


E Hines said...

Woods' ruling on the matter was to require two copies of everything seized by the Mueller raid (what's to happen to the originals is TBD, apparently). One copy is to be delivered to Cohen's team, the other to Mueller's raiders, and the purpose of those deliveries is for each side to go over the material and determine which documents are lawyer-client privileged or otherwise protected from prosecution viewing, and the judge will, presumably, resolve disagreements.

Never mind that the judge should be the one--the only one--doing the review in the first place.

Never mind, either, that this way the Mueller team gets what they want with this ruling: access to those protected documents.

On the other hand, as I noted a bit ago on my blog,

On what basis do we conclude that Mueller’s team [hadn't] already copied all of those seized materials and separated the copies from the originals? That by itself, incidentally, would be a good practice with legitimately confiscated materials; reviewing the copies would ensure against accidentally damaging the originals and thereby destroying their legal provenance (as well as their utility for their rightful owners). On what basis do we conclude that [any of] those copies would be returned, also? On what basis do we conclude that Mueller’s team [hasn't already been] reading and evaluating those copies of the seized materials?

Eric Hines

Grim said...

Why on the upstanding reputation of the team, based on demonstrated impartiality and honor, of course.