The Fields of Athenry

I ran across some interesting renditions of this Irish song. The first is the traditional version by the Dubliners, for those who prefer that Irish folk sound. The second is the Dropkick Murphy's version, for those who like a little electric guitar with their pipes. The final video is of Irish soccer fans singing the song at a game in Spain. It's obviously a pretty popular song in Ireland, and the lyrics go back to English occupation and oppression. The lyrics are at the end.

The Fields Of Athenry

By a lonely prison wall
I heard a young girl calling
Michael they are taking you away
For you stole Trevelyans corn
So the young might see the morn
Now a prison ship is taking you away

Low lie the fields of Athenry
Where once we watched the small free birds fly
Our love was on the wing
We had Dreams and songs to sing
Now it's loney round the fields of Athenry

By a lonely prison wall
I heard a young man calling
Nothing matters, Mary, when you're free
Against the famine and the crown
I rebelled, they cut me down
Now you must raise our child with dignity

By a lonely harbour wall
She watched the last star falling
As the prison ship sailed out against the sky
Now she must live in hope and pray
For her love in Botany bay
For it's lonely round the fields of Athenry


Grim said...

Here's another version, if you're still interested, by Harry O'Donoghue. He still gets by Kevin Barry's in Savannah to play.

RonF said...

What are the responses that I hear the audience singing during the chorus in the Young Dubliners' version?

Grim said...

I think they're just singing a second round of "free birds fly!"

Tom said...

Thanks for the link! It's very different again with one singer. I like it.

Grim said...

Harry's a solid singer. If you get down Savannah way, you should look him up if he's playing. Go to Kevin Barry's in any case, especially to the second floor.