A Hero in Quebec

Untrained, unprepared, but brave in heart, Aymen Derbali ran to the sound of gunfire and thus saved many lives.
"I have no bad feelings or bitterness," Mr. Derbali says. "This hasn't changed my vision of this country. I'm proud to be Canadian. What happened could have happened anywhere in the world."

Still, there are times when he has reason to wonder if the world has moved on. His act of bravery has gone uncelebrated. He has not received a single note or visit from a politician since arriving at the rehabilitation centre in July. "I'm surprised," he admits, choosing his words carefully.

One day – no one is able yet to say when – he will leave the medical centre. He cannot return to the family's fourth-floor apartment because it is not adapted for his wheelchair. The family of five will have to find a new home. Where will they go? How will they pay for it? Calls for help to city and provincial officials have gone nowhere, Mr. Derbali says.


raven said...

When the political mission is to turn people into dependent sheep, it is counterproductive to recognize brave independent action. People might realize they can be free.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Would I have done as well in his shoes?

He is worthy of our admiration.

Ymarsakar said...

Judas sheep, this person is not a good candidate for.

The self defense and civilian or military H2H world is as weird as the Alt Right and Goths and motorcycle clubs. So miniaturized, that even though the skills are useful, people can overprepare or divide themselves over the silliest of things. When humans lack enemies to kill to rack up a score, they got to go find something else to use as a substitute.

As such, they are still a miniaturized sub culture, to the point where employees of the state and normal members of the goyim/nations, don't go out of their way to acquire certain skills. Perhaps a Gramsci March or two would allow every goy to arm up to the standards of the Essenes or Shaolins.

Ymarsakar said...

After reading the article, and due to the existence of supernatural powers and their wielders, this may be a good opportunity to overturn the Novus ordo seclorum false dichotomy.

If any christian apostle or prophet has healing powers, they can perform a great Work by visiting this family. If any Eastern sect or psychic healer does the same, the same credit will accrue to them.

Just compensate for the quantum effect of too many people who refuse to believe. That tends to disrupt the power lines. If spiritual users have not tested this yet, they might be able to use lead/gold/silver as a buffer.

As a strategist and logistics personnel, this war is going to need a ton of souls to accomplish certain goals.

douglas said...

The quote that resonates with me-

"I would rather have been paralyzed for life than to have fled and been left unscathed, without having done something to help people."

One hopes to live up to that ideal. He did.