This Doesn't Sound Very Russian

Detroit voting machines counted too many votes.

In a set of precincts that went hardcore for the Democrats, that doesn't like the ordinary poor-maintenance issues that trouble Detroit generally, either.


E Hines said...

Detroit is even more democratic than Chicago or San Francisco: ballots have personhood and are allowed to vote as well as be repositories of others' votes.

Eric Hines

Larry Sheldon said...

I am surprised (no, really! Genuinely surprised.)we have not seen any religious miracles discussions--for a year now, every single solitary machine fault has gone, not just to the Democrats, but to the Clinton Democrats.

Ymar Sakar said...

Democrats are just liberals who want to fight corruption and have so many problems due to Republicans; the Southern volk are too good natured to resist cowardly deception. That would be the old Southern yellow dog refrain adapted to these times.

Good ol Jim Crow, didn't need to recount dead votes since the Republican voters would be dead. Case closed by Waco polizei.