Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting

Prepare to repel boarders! (NB: Although shots are fired in the next couple of videos, there is no blood or gore.)

Once upon a time ... Personally, I'd have picked a .308 for this, like an M-14, but, OK. I guess if you only get one rifle and you might have to get up close and personal ... (Oh, sure. Go with the .50. See if I care.)

[Update from a more sober TD: I don't usually claim to know more about firearms choices than the professionals who do this for a living, but after three or so drinks I become an expert on many things.]


Brothers in Arms

Dire Straits

"... and though they did hurt me so bad, in the fear and alarm, you did not desert me, my brothers in arms ..."


Grim said...

The important thing is that they're allowing armed security on these ships now.

Tom said...

Yep. And I guess there's nothing wrong w/ 5.56 in this role. It probably fits the purely defensive spirit of the action better.

I wonder why the buccaneers didn't run when the security team started shooting at them. It seems they'd want easy prey, and there weren't that many of them.

Dad29 said...

I have a young friend who does that sort of work now that he's left the Seals.

I'll ask why the pirates don't run...perhaps he'll know.

Tom said...

That would be cool. Let me know what he says.

E Hines said...

I disagree with the warning shots, though--waste of ammunition. Those guys already knew they were doing wrong. Shoot to kill with the first shot.

Eric Hines

raven said...

Just fly a drone over their skiff and drop a surprise in it.

"Brothers in Arms " is a great song, from a great band.

Ymar Sakar said...

Back when the Somali pirates were big news online, some people once asked me what I would do to counter pirates. I told them I would put a heavy weapons supported fire team of US Marines, or equivalent, on those container ships.

Although it turned out the pirates don't have much suppression fire, so they didn't need quite as much heavy firepower as I had predicted. Normally guided anti tank launchers or rpgs. A mere 50 cal mounted and some individual riflemen were all that was needed to put a stop to the majority of Somali ransoms.

The corporations refused to pay for fire teams, but the ransoms made it economical. They could just bill the escorts as "insurance" costs.

The funny thing about greedy corporations and CEOs, is that often times money will overrule ideology or politics, and they will actually do something that works. That is what surprises me, far more than the pirates.