Carrying Virtue to Excess

Haidt on "motivated ignorance," "ad hominem albus," the difficulty of persuasion, and a suggested improvement.


Cassandra said...

Thanks so much for posting this! Hadn't seen this one yet.

I sent a Jon Haidt video to my oldest friend (the Democrat) at the beginning of our discussions on this election. She recently told me she had forwarded it to all of her friends, who range from more conservative than I to way more liberal than she.

And every single one of them raved about it. Our discussions sometimes strained our friendship a little, but we went into this determined to listen to each other, even when that was uncomfortable and even painful.

I have been very frightened by growing illiberalism and intolerance, and also by the growing feeling people have that they can't or shouldn't talk about values or the election. I understand that great self restraint is needed, but I passionately believe we can't stop talking to each other simply because we disagree.

When people demonize each other, it's natural to withdraw into our separate corners and lick our wounds. I'm encouraged that Haidt's work is gaining some traction.

Tom said...

Yeah, I really like his work. Which video did you send?

And I completely agree with you about both the growing illiberalism and the essential role of discussion and each side trying to understand the other.

Cassandra said...

It wasn't even one of his best, but it was this one:

Just sent it to my Mom as well.