Heavy Metal Election

The name of the song is "Death to Tyrants."


Joel Leggett said...

Thanks for sharing that. Certainly fit my mood.

Ymar Sakar said...

I always thought it strange that Boothe's claimed justification for the assassination of Abraham Lincoln was Death to Tyrants. Whenever I start digging into history, the truth is always not quite as humans believed it, and in this case it turned out to be the case as well.

The true totalitarian tyranny belonged to the slave lord classes which started Civil War 1 and the Confederacy, for the aims of secession were well documented as a powerplay for more federal power, not less. Lincoln and the abolitionists put a stop to those plans, as they refused to force abolitionist states like New York, to enforce the federal Slave Fugitive Acts, which New York as a state abolished or merely nullified federal law by refusing to enforce it. That was their Right as a US State, after all.

The claim that the Confederacy's secession was due to the North betraying the US Constitutional compact, is also not as straight. There's something between the lines. If the North is confiscating property, meaning slaves, and refusing to give it back, then the ultimate question becomes "why does your property give you more votes and representation in Congress?" If I force breed 500 horses, 1000 more rabbits, and a few more hunting dogs, do I now have the voting bloc power of a minor town all by myself as a slave lord plantation owner? Yet slave owners disenfranchised white Scotts/Irish clans by doing precisely that.

Humans are often liable to put the blame on witches and other scapegoats. I see that hasn't changed since CW1 and it won't change for CW2 either.

Grim said...

Your grasp of American history is amazing, Ymar, as it always is.

Ymar Sakar said...

Hopefully you've had a chance to check the primary sources, the Secession documents and other Southern testimonies, Grim. People like you or Southerners in general, aren't known for being "convinced" by other people.

That's easy to see even for someone that isn't recognized as a Southerner when I live in the South, just because I don't wear "Tyrant Lincoln" tshirts everywhere.

I also don't proclaim the new slogan "Lying Ted Cruz" tshirts. But he only got his character and his wife's character assassinated, so perhaps that's better.

I wish I could say this election was glorious or uplifting or gave examples of humans resisting propaganda and psychological warfare, from both sides. (Election's over, no time stamp that would be able to tell that though) Now for the next stage.

Ymar Sakar said...

Since the OP is about music for the political times, the one I linked to, even here, a few years ago was this one.


I took a liking to it, although perhaps for different reasons than the one John Ringo had when he put it into his novels.

It's almost like a prophetic poem. Since this was after 2008, but before the election talk of 2014, I never expected anyone to get it. But for those that could understand it, I put it out there just in case.

Right now, people might be capable of getting more of it than before.