The DNC Leak and the Health Stories Must Not Be Silenced

The DNC leak reveals a spreadsheet tracking donations from potential ambassadors or other public officials, along with what they've been assigned in return for the money they've brought to the table. There's an email chain in which they themselves call this "pay for play." It also contains details on a plot to gerrymander House districts, bamboozle the Republican party with a series of frivolous lawsuits to prevent them from responding, and a cynical plan to label Republican opposition as racism.

To read the big media, however, you'd think the whole content was ' mean things Colin Powell said about people.' That's the only story they're even trying to tell.

It's not the main story.

Hillary Clinton collapsed last Sunday and has retreated to a concrete-barricaded compound, from which she has not emerged all week. As the New York Post points out, if it weren't for an amateur who happened to video the collapse, we'd know nothing about her health conditions. I haven't seen any outlet in America comment on the barricades -- that's just the UK press.

These stories aren't going to get in front of many American voters unless there's a way to get past this wall of silence.


Anonymous said...

Do you think HRC has AIDS?

Just a wild idea....a hunch really...

Grim said...

I rather doubt it. Her refusal to come clean with the public, while also seeking the highest public office, justifies inquiry; but I don't think there's any supporting evidence there.

Sam L. said...

Our media is/are completely untrustworthy.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Linked at my site.

Anonymous said...

A good analysis of HRC health that should not be silenced.


Grim said...

I agree with the general thrust: pneumonia is sounding increasingly implausible.

Anonymous said...

Grim, Here is an update:
WikiLeaks Just Dropped Bombshell About Hillary’s Health… The Truth, REVEALED!

Wikileaks: Hillary’s Advisors Contacted NFL Commish to Ask About Her “Cracked Head”

WikiLeaks BOMBSHELL: Hillary Directed Her State Dept Staff to Research Parkinson’s Drug

- Mississippi