I'm Beginning to Think There Might Be Something Here

I thought the 'she's so sick' rumors were largely just ordinary getting-older stuff until her team started pushing back so hard against reporters asking about it.

Now I wonder what's got her team so worried. She could just go get a physical and publish the results if this were a serious but unfounded concern.


Christopher B said...

Purely from looking at her campaign schedule versus Trump's, one would have to say there are at least some embers glowing. She's never been retail politician but she seemed far more energetic in 2008 than she does now. When even the MSM are starting to remark on both the paucity of public appearances and the fact that most of them are small audience high-dollar fund raisers you have to wonder if this is going beyond just a campaign strategy into some actual physical limitations.

douglas said...

There's something there. It's pretty obvious when she's hiding something- she's only good at not letting the cat out of the bag- but you can always tell the cat's in the bag- you just can't answer when asked what color it is.