Here's a new nanomaterial that blocks visible light, so you don't have to walk around looking naked, but lets infrared radiation pass through, so you stay cooler.  It even wicks moisture.  Next challenge, making it feel nice so someone might actually wear it.  I wish I had some right now: as soon as it gets light I'm about to head out into the breathable soup to take the black dog on a jog.

The end of summer is just coming into sight.  Although it's not what you would call comfortable to run in this, it's no longer asking for heatstroke.  We've even begun planting salad greens for the fall crop.  Fall is right around the corner, marking the beginning of our six-month glorious season.

Nearly 90 lbs. lost, in the neighborhood of 35 to go.  I was really, really fat.  ("Not circus fat, but she gettin' there.")  Now I'm just a bit fat, very close to the high end of medically normal.  It truly is a new life.  Last year at this time I could not have dreamed of jogging.

Okay, the sun is just about riz.  I'm off.


Anonymous said...


An the nano materials are cool, too. Enjoy your freedom.


Grim said...

Congratulations on your success. I, too, am looking forward to the cooler weather in part for a return to road-work (usually, running with periodic stops to do push-ups or other things). I also hope to do some hiking, which is my favorite form of cardio. Georgia summers are hell on cardiovascular fitness, though. It's just too hot to do anything outside that you don't really have to do.

On the other hand, my deadlift has improved over the summer, since that can be done inside.

Tom said...

Outstanding! That's great.