Vox on 'the Clinton rules' that cause the media to treat Hillary Clinton so unfairly:
[T]he more power a person wants in our republic, the more voters should know about her or him. But it's also an essential frame for thinking about the long-toxic relationship between the Clintons and the media, why the coverage of Hillary Clinton differs from coverage of other candidates for the presidency, and whether that difference encourages distortions that will ultimately affect the presidential race.
RCP, on the media having a rare interaction with Clinton:
Clinton, under pressure for not holding a press conference for nearly 280 days, was peppered with questions like, "How was your Labor Day weekend?" Another question: "Are you ready?"

"Do you have a Labor Day message?" one reporter asked.

"I do, you'll hear it," Clinton answered. "I definitely, I definitely do. If you want more happy Labor Days, you know who to vote for."

"Thanks, I'll come back later," Clinton said as she exited the cabin that holds the press.
Later, you know, like maybe in mid-November.

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E Hines said...

Publication of exchanges like that described by RCP should be telling....

What RCP carefully did not report (only mentioning peripherally) is that Clinton bought her "campaign" plane, badly aping Trump (who's nearly always traveled via his own aircraft), specifically to have "interactions" with the press, but in a venue she completely controls.

Eric Hines