Of Course the Russians Are Helping Trump

I realize that the impulse is to doubt everything said by Clinton or one of her appointees, and that's a very healthy and good impulse. It will serve you well. But this time, the guy is right. Wikileaks is a Russian intelligence project. Russia Today, which has been leading the broadcasting of this story, is openly Russian propaganda.

Doubtless Putin takes Trump's outspoken pragmatism about NATO to be a good sign for Russian interests. No one really doubts that everyone would be pragmatic in fact, but the secret in diplomacy is you're supposed to pretend that you would be principled instead. This is an old story.

Hillary Clinton, being a former Secretary of State, understands the rules and is playing accordingly. This has led to the highly amusing spectacle of her supporters, many of whom would disband the nuclear forces entirely if they had their druthers, arguing for a week about how important it is to have a strong deterrent against Russian aggression. They are no more serious about nuking Russia than she is, but they're all pretending they are.

The fact is that President Obama has weakened the United States' global position so much that the next president will have no choice but retrenchment. Some concessions will have to be made to Russia, to China, and possibly even to Iran. Clinton will make those concessions if elected in terms of conceding American power to 'international' institutions that happen to favor Russian or Chinese interests -- things like the TPP, which she will of course resume supporting once she's elected (as her VP choice does as well, I notice). Trump, on the other hand, will negotiate some sort of deal directly.

Either way, America's standing in the world will diminish, at least for a time. Even the most hawkish president would have no choice but to drop back and try to figure out what new lines are tenable.


E Hines said...

I realize that the impulse is to doubt everything said by Clinton or one of her appointees....

As often as Clinton has straight-up lied and her acolytes have tried to cover up for her, on what basis is doubting impulsive?

Some concessions will have to be made to Russia, to China, and possibly even to Iran.

Not at all.

Eric Hines

Anonymous said...

Putin has serious problems with Islamic minority. He understands that Obama is a Muslim Brotherhood asset, and that Hillary has walked in his footsteps and is in a Brotherhood honey trap. Trump has been clear on fundamentalist Islam. Trump and Putin are both pirate businessmen. Putin would rather deal with Trump than have a Brotherhood asset with her finger on the button.

douglas said...

My wife was pointing out to me her concerns about Trump's Russian connection. I pointed out that for whatever concerns I have about that, Hillary has already sold herself to the Russians once with the uranium deal, and for only personal wealth.

She's already done what we might be worried about Trump doing.

Grim said...

She is also subject to Russian blackmail, not just persuasion. That DNC email leak was just a shot across the bow.

Ymar Sakar said...

Supposedly they are leaking, from Wiki or perhaps another source, emails of the Cruz campaign seeking donations from Leftist or Democrats for delegate fights.

The source of these emails? Hard to verify. But it would serve Russian intel operations if they were attempting to disrupt American affairs, or just keep us busy while they push from Sevastopol.

Anonymous said...

Funny I thought we already gave a bunch of concessions to Iran.