Might Want to Practice


Ymar Sakar said...

In the ancient days, teaching martial arts and certain physical skills, required physically being there. Either contending or trading skills physically.

Now with the internet, a "cadre" may no longer be the traditional one.

Tom said...

My only qualm about this is that the bad guys can get just as good training as the good guys this way.

Grim said...

The important thing is that not everyone is virtuous enough to practice.

Ymar Sakar said...

There's this misconception that bad guys can do evil because they practice it.

Actually, evil exists because the anti evil people refuse to kill the evil. And they refuse to kill the evil, because they lack will or power or methods.

The normal curve in society had the same issues with lethal force H2H. The problem exists when there is an elite that hoardes the knowledge based upon fear that it would be misused. While some people would misuse it, the reason why evil exists is because there's hundreds of incompetent weaklings that allow evil to exist. The intent of evil, by itself, produces their methods and means of power. But the intent of good, is not in itself sufficient to counter that.

Ymar Sakar said...

The other problem is that it was impossible to produce a method of teaching that allowed more than 51% of the target student population, to achieve certain high levels. There's a bandwidth cap, even with China's 1500 years of history passing down H2H arts. So since it was impossible to produce warriors from peasants and farmers, they kept it secret, in order to safeguard their own clans and families.

They didn't trust random people in their country.

In the USA, random people in government are already evil and they already have access to all levels of police and military training. It's the rest of the people that are behind the times. DHS doesn't have a billion + rounds of ammo because they find training exercises and livefire to be too expensive.