Kevin Drum: The NRA Is Right This Time

There are plenty of gun-control measures I'd support. Banning high-cap magazines, for one. But banning gun sales to anyone who's ever caught the FBI's attention? No thanks. Senate Democrats have finally put me in the position of agreeing with the NRA. Nice work, folks.
It's been a stunning week, watching Democrats declare that due process needs to be permanently suspended for gun sales. It's clear that the right to keep and bear arms isn't even a second-class right in their view: it's a privilege, one they feel the American people have proven they deserve to lose.

How can you square this with the oath you took as a Senator, though? Even if you believe -- as Hillary Clinton has argued -- that Heller was wrongly decided, the Constitution is really firm on due process. 'We have to get rid of due process' is the very next thing to 'We should have the power to make whatever rules we want for the Good of the State.'


Anonymous said...

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Ymar Sakar said...

It squares quite nicely with my analysis and predictions, however. They are doing what I expect of them. It is no surprise, except for people lacking in data and correct vision.

The Left has had the power to push through their mission goals for some time now. But it was only with the advent of the Fall of Iraq and the rise of Hussein, the Left's Divine King and Messiah, that saw the Left unlock the vast reserves of power and resources they had hoarded for their war against humanity. They have been hoarding this network of resources and power for a century and more. Not something people should have taken lightly.

Try to elect or unelect that one.

E Hines said...

'We should have the power to make whatever rules we want for the Good of the State.'

That's the Progressive goal. [T]he average American individual is morally and intellectually inadequate to serious and consistent conception of his responsibilities as a democrat.

Eric Hines

Assistant Village Idiot said...

I see it as even more primitive. This is your culture, not theirs. They want you not merely discomfited, they want your culture to cease operating. It's just tribal.