I Suddenly Realize This Guy is Very Brave

Milo Yiannopoulos, I mean. He's going to get himself killed speaking his mind like this.

I like that in a man.

I've seen him talk before, and I haven't really been impressed with what I've heard. But I don't care -- he's speaking his mind when it's dangerous. Not just financially, either. There's a litany of secular saints who have gone down before the knives -- and axes, in one famous case -- of Muslim radicals who want to silence speech like this. He's very literally putting his life on the line by talking this way.


Good for him. As I can, I will support him even though I don't always agree with him. As I can, I will defend his right to do this. Literally, if the opportunity presents itself.


J Melcher said...

Let's start a list of comparably brave speakers.


Pam Geller.

Mark Steyn.


Short list...

Grim said...

Steyn is the one whom I mention the most often, as he is an exceptionally clear thinker and clever writer. I'm not always sure he's right, but he's generally able to defend his position well enough that it's worth considering whether or not he's right.

Anonymous said...

I knew Milo was brave when he wrote this piece in December of 2015.


I absolute enjoyed it

Grim said...

I'm not sure how brave it is for a gay man to insult women. For one thing (with the exception of the occasional Mustang-driving girlfriend) women don't usually attempt to kill infuriating men. For another, it's not like he was planning to marry a woman or live with one.

On the other hand, that is without a doubt the most thoroughgoing criticism of birth control I've ever seen. I have no idea if it's in any way accurate, in part because I've never seen anyone even attempt to address most of those claims.

MikeD said...

I'd include Ayaan Hirsi Ali in that list.

Grim said...

Definitely her. She was on a panel with Uncle Jimbo at CPAC this year, talking about this very issue.

Jimbo somehow doesn't strike me as imperiling his life in the same way, just because any jihadi who comes for him had better come correct. But he's in the category.

Ymar Sakar said...

Milo is alt right, like Roosh or various types like that.

Grim said...

The enemy of my enemy is my enemy's enemy, Ymar.