The Anti-Klan Rally Will Be Held At The Klan Rally

I haven't seen a uniformed member of the Ku Klux Klan anywhere in Georgia since I was a boy. However, on April 23rd there is going to be a Klan rally at Stone Mountain (which has the dubious distinction of being the place where the Klan was reborn in 1915 after its successful suppression by Federal Marshals teamed up with Beford Forrest and other former-Confederate luminaries). I know this because there is going to be an anti-Klan rally at the Klan rally, and the group organizing it is soliciting attendance.

This group is called "All Out ATL," apparently a local wing of a nationwide movement. They are, naturally, Bernie Sanders voters who speak blithely about revolution. They are better fit to keep company with the Klan than they realize, preferring direct action and street violence to suppress their political opponents and smooth the way for their agenda. They see themselves as in "solidarity" (of course) with the protesting groups that shut down the Trump rally in Chicago. The comparison would no doubt shock them, but in truth they are a lot alike. I imagine the one group has more grad students than the other, but they are both motivated by hate and a taste for suppressing their enemies with force.

The Klan is a despicable organization we ought to oppose. It is possible to do so without becoming like them.

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Ymar Sakar said...

The KKK, not without their Democrat patrons, have returned to a greater semblance of local virtue than they had ever been, except under Forrest.

But press onwards, o the trumpet of Revolution. For the greater the suffering of the people, the more extreme they will hearken to the solutions that end their problems, once and for all. The greatest power to shatter the strongest shackles of slavery.