You Know What Happens If You Talk Too Much

I can't answer for the visuals on these videos. But turn up the sound.


Ymar Sakar said...

Back when you were responding to the talk about FB being nationalized, Grim, you said something about not giving the feds ideas.

Well, you see, they didn't need those ideas, they had already 100% mirrored and cached Facebook material, off the official channels, at the time.

FB will be very useful as a profile and target analysis program. For the Left at least.

Grim said...

You know what would be very useful? Having someone to troll right-wing websites, always urging them toward more radical positions than they had heretofore asserted. Are you sure you aren't a tool of the Left, Ymar? Are you a rat or an informer?

For the Left?

Ymar Sakar said...

Getting paranoid now, Grim, is that your Emotional Grim mode of responding to the situations which you have always denied and waved off so many years ago.

As I told you before, my intent stopped being to "convince people" by about 2008, because it was impossible to do unless one had the power of a totalitarian alliance like the Left to do it for you.

Predictions and prophecies, warnings, are not exhortations to action. An exhortation to action would be specific, and specifics on un-encrypted internet is just a way to get yourself disappeared. Well, even encrypted systems have FBI keys to their backdoors and government addresses for drone pilot families were "leaked" to jihad terror cells, so even that isn't exactly safe.

As for the Left, you would know more about that since you tolerate contact with so many Leftist associates that you began using their arguments against me or comparing me to them. A way of displacing what you aren't allowed to do to the Leftists, unto somebody else I would say.

As for right wing, coming from a Democrat loyalist like yourself, I'm not sure how much of that can be believed. Culturally you're closer to the Reagans and Bush families, but politically your allegiances are split at least.

Grim said...

Sorry, internet communication is limited. I didn't mean to suggest that I cared. I am just curious if you are employed. You spend a lot of time trying to get people to pile on with violent conspiracy theories. Why is that? In line with the same sort of reasoning you offer, it seems like a Leftist conspiracy.

If there is a better explanation for it, well, then maybe there is for lots of other things too.