30 Ways to Be a Modern Woman

After Grim's game with the topic of the modern man, I ran into and posted a link to a fisking of the original NYT article on the blog Cedar Writes. The main author there, Cedar Sanderson, has put up a commenter-suggested list of 30 ways to be a modern woman, including such things as:

6. How about “The Modern Woman has a gun, because the Modern Man is apparently too much of a wuss to protect his family”? — Tom Knighton

30. A modern woman is confident in her ability to defend herself but will allow men to defend her if they have superior firepower. — Karen D.

There is kind of a theme going on over there.

Turns out Cedar Sanderson is also an Air Force brat turned novelist.


Cedar said...

Thanks for the linking, Tom :) Yes, there was a theme, and that's without my prompting! I found it funny, which is why I didn't consolidate the various well-armed woman comments.

Grim said...

Welcome, Cedar. You have a quality readership, it appears.