Where the Republican Hopefuls Went to College

I'm not sure why Lindsey Graham is still listed as a "hopeful," but ok.

Fiorina has a bachelor's degree in "Philosophy and Medieval Studies." She'd fit in around here quite well.


Ymar Sakar said...

It's probably why she kept talking about the Golden Age of Islam.

Which wasn't what the historians said it was. Same for Radov and other "Soviet experts who sold out", Soviets weren't what he claimed they were.

Tom said...

Jeb got a BA in Latin American Studies. He may know more Latin American history than US history, at least up to the point where his dad was president.

I didn't know Jindal went to Oxford, or that Cruz did his undergrad at Princeton.

It's interesting that Paul didn't finish his bachelor's; he did the pre-med work and went right to med school.

It's good to see a number with degrees outside the Ivy League. And Walker was the only one with no degree; it's too bad he dropped out.

Gringo said...

Seeing all the Pubs who went to state schools, I wonder how Dems and Pubs compare in the Senate, House of Representatives and Governor regarding who went to elite private schools such as Ivy League or Stanford and who went to public or nonelite private schools.

Though Carson, Cruz, Trump and Fiorina all went to elite private schools- and they appear to be the leading Pub candidates.