Comprehensively Missing the Point

Defenders of Planned Parenthood have managed to get the 5th Circuit to force the release of the unedited videos to the public. In the eyes of the defenders, the unedited videos -- all caps in the original -- "PROVE they did nothing wrong."

The people making these videos set out to prove that Planned Parenthood was an ongoing criminal enterprise profiting from the unlawful harvesting of fetal tissues. I think the videos, even the edited ones, failed to prove that claim.

That isn't what people are upset about who have actually watched the videos. No one is upset that Planned Parenthood might have been violating some technical regulation about the exact manner of extracting fetuses in order to better harvest organs. No one is soothed to learn that, thank goodness!, the regulations have all been scrupulously obeyed.

What people are reacting to is the horrifying state of what is legal, not the accusation that something is criminal. To learn that the practices are legal only makes it worse.

There is a huge difference between proving that Planned Parenthood obeyed the law, and proving that "they did nothing wrong." The whole video series is a carnival of horror, discussed over lunch or in an easy manner, sometimes a vision of little feet.

Upton Sinclair wrote a book called The Jungle that he hoped would cause people to become outraged about the working conditions of the poor in food factories. Audiences were horrified, but not by the things Sinclair thought would horrify them. They were horrified to learn how their food was made.

By the same token, the people who are defending Planned Parenthood over these videos are comprehensively missing the point. They are talking right past everyone who is upset or disturbed by what they've seen. For some reason, they just don't see what is bothering anyone about all this.

It is a shocking sort of moral blindness.


Ymar Sakar said...

The videos were already released unedited on youtube some months ago.

Defenders of PProfit are merely supporting their current propaganda defense, right now.

Because they are Leftists, traitors, or loyal to the Demoncrat party unto death. Something like that, the money may be good as well for them.

Ymar Sakar said...

The reason why Demoncrats support restarting a live birth baby's heart and then harvesting the organs live, is because it is profitable and because their Democrats told them it was legal.

Just like you are espousing right now. How that can be legal, even with partial birth abortion, is questionable. Whose palms were greased to make that legal, assuming it is legal like many anti patriots and anti Americans assume the IRS targeting of conservatives was Legal. It was The Law, man. The Law.

Texan99 said...

I'd say it's blindingly obvious that they were breaking the law, but it's true that's not what's bothering me about the videos.

RonF said...

By the same token, I think that whether or not what Clinton did with her mail server and e-mails was entirely legal is less important than the shockingly bad judgement she showed in opening up the e-mails of the Secretary of the United States to Chinese hackers. I can't figure out what would be worse - was she ignorant or unconcerned?

Texan99 said...

Bit of both, I'd say. But I can't claim to be shocked by either. What does shock me is that the Democratic Party is still firmly behind her, and voters are still firmly behind the Democratic Party.

Unknown said...

I was skeptical regarding the legal issues. For me, the videos were about holding up a mirror that reflected the depravity of the participants. And, lest we forget, it is an industry, which, over the decades, bought off the political class.
I have boomer friends, who were left behind in the 60s, and who still fancy that abortion providers are noble and selfless. Really.

Ymar Sakar said...

What does shock me is that the Democratic Party is still firmly behind her, and voters are still firmly behind the Democratic Party.

Know who isn't shocked?