Havok Journal: No One Cares about the New Army Secretary's Sexuality

Well, the media does, because they were in full trumpet mode a few days ago. But Havok Journal's Scott Faith is right: we don't care. The guy's been the acting secretary for some time. He's been a long time Pentagon guy, and knows the job. It's true he's not a Veteran, but being openly gay was illegal in the military until the day before yesterday. As someone who thought that was a wise policy and would gladly restore it, I'm certainly not going to hold it against this guy that he didn't lie or cheat to check a box by getting into the service. Far from it. He didn't hide what he thought was right, he lived according to what he thought was right, and he found a way to serve his country out of uniform that is just as necessary to success down the line as any green-suited guy at the Pentagon. Whether or not we like his private life choices he did the right thing by his own lights, never lied about it, and found a way to serve anyway.

The guy we care about is this jackwagon Navy Secretary you've got sneering at and slandering the Marine Corps over which he has been given authority. That guy needs to go.


E Hines said...

Well, I care. Not because he's gay, though. If it were any other President nominating him, I'd be willing to accept his experience in the post and other relevant experience as qualifying him for the position.

With Obama, though, it's just a political stunt having nothing at all to do with the man's merits. As confirmed by the NLMSM's making such a big deal of his sexuality while ignoring his qualifications.

That's an insult to the man, it's an insult to the Army, and it's an insult to homosexuals.

Eric Hines

Anonymous said...

In theory, you'd be right. But at present, if the current President appoints an openly gay person to head an agency, the mutual expectation is that the appointee is to make the relevant "gay friendly".

Felix M

Ymar Sakar said...

See, their policies are designed to purge the military and replace the top officers with loyalists that will Obey All Evil orders from the Left's Authority.

No single chain of command, as if.

When a feudal lord wishes to rebel against his liege, he must kill off the royal family and also install loyal adherents in their place, in order to boost his power in the kingdom or dukedom. There are weaker bonds than the loyalty found in common culture and ideology, but they are rarely found.