Always Hire Experienced Help

Headline: "Iran working with North Korea to thwart U.N. nuclear inspections: report."

Who else would you hire? They're the world-beating experts on that.
Their presence in Tehran has been kept secret with the help of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, the elite military force that serves Iran’s Supreme Leader.

The nuclear experts work in a guarded office building at the Hemmat complex and are transported to and from work in tinted-glass vehicles escorted by members of the terrorist-affiliated Quds force.

In addition, the six-man North Korean team reportedly collaborates with Nouri Industries, which builds warheads for Shabab and Ghadr missiles. Nouri also works closely with a subdivision of the Organization of Defensive Innovation and Research, also known by its Farsi acronym SPND.
Oh, well, it's good that we gave away sanctions on Iran's purchase and testing of ballistic missiles, then.

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