Free Speech & Hate Speech

VDH points out a clever trick.
President Obama scapegoated Nakoula at the United Nations — a majority of whose members ban free speech as a rule — with pompous promises that the prophet would not be mocked with impunity in the United States of America. Nakoula was suddenly arrested on a minor parole violation and jailed for over a year. No one seemed to care that the unsavory firebrand Egyptian had a constitutional right while legally resident in America to freely caricature any religion that he chose.

The IRS under career bureaucrats like Lois Lerner targeted non-profit groups on the basis of their perceived political expression. The best strategy now for stifling free speech is to arbitrarily substitute the word “hate” for “free” — and then suddenly we all must unite to curb “hate speech.”
Emphasis added.

Goodness knows I detest the Westboro Baptist Church. If we can ask the families of fallen American servicemembers to endure them at the funerals of their children, who died for our country, we can endure pretty much any sort of 'hate speech.'


Anonymous said...


I do not know why anybody should ever be allowed a murderer's veto.

Also, I find it amusing that the people who criticize Pamela Geller for "hate speech" don't quote her. I have not read all of her work, but I've seen the bus ads with direct quotes from terrorists, and a question along the lines of "Is this your Islam?"

The quotes from the terrorists are real, and they are hate speech.

So elements of our media goes after Pamela.

This comes awfully close to shooting the messenger.


Texan99 said...

Rosa Parks provoked the white supremacists, too, and caused no end of expensive trouble. And rape victims are always provoking rapists, thus dragging the rest of us into all kinds of tedious trouble.