Aristotle for Everybody

This sounds like a neat little book -- it's 200 pages, but for a summary of Aristotle that is pretty short.
....accessible not only to the average reader but also to children in middle school. That ambition is what Mortimer Adler aimed at with this book. His thirteen year-old and his eleven year-old read the manuscript and gave helpful feedback, so he certainly thinks it is a success.
You could do worse, and hardly better, than to acquaint yourself with the Master.

H/t: Brandywine Books.


Tom said...

Sounds like something I've been looking for!

douglas said...

That's fantastic. Does it have any dragons in it? That seems just about the only way to get my 12 year old son interested in reading a book!

Grim said...

I can't think of any dragons in Aristotle, but there are daemons.