Ted Cruz is winning

David Harsanyi on the debt ceiling cave:
As much as some of us are fans of “dysfunction,” tactically speaking, playing defense forever is no strategy.  Yes, the establishment works tirelessly within the political realities of the day.  Cruz, it seems, is more interested in changing the reality of his situation.  Forcing a 60-vote threshold on the debt ceiling wasn’t only about the debt ceiling (which Cruz surely understood would be hiked), and it wasn’t only about his presidential ambitions (which he surely has), but creating the type of problems for the GOP that will help bring a bunch of Matt Bevins into the Senate and solidify his position.

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Gringo said...

IMHO, one point in Ted Cruz's favor is the intense dislike he engenders in Demos. If they dislike him so much, he can't be all that bad.

As both Ted Cruz and the POTUS are Harvard Law grads, some interesting comparisons on immediate post graduate experience can be made. Ted Cruz: clerked for a Supreme Court Justice. Obama: penny ante law firm.
As the Demos can't paint Ted Cruz as stupid, given that resume, they go for the other attack mode: Evil. Interesting how Reagan was simultaneously stupid and evil.