Friday Night AMV

Police. State.

Cyborgs. Robots. Computer surveillance. Computer hacking. Secret government security organization infighting. Amazing amounts of weaponry. Health Ministry Commandoes.


Grim said...

Hey, I've actually seen that one (at least the first one). It's older, though -- the reason I've seen it is that my wife had a copy of it back before we were married, and wanted to show it to me.

Eric Blair said...

There was a movie called "Ghost in the Shell" that I think you're referring to, that came out in 1995.

in 2004-2005 there abouts, a series was produced that ran for around 48 episodes--basically a police procedural, but with an intricate plot that didn't fizzle out, and some really off beat musings on all sorts of things, including artificial intelligence. The blue robots are actually AI's, and steal scenes every once in awhile.

Very well done as these things go.