John Kerry falls off turnip truck, gives interview

Hey!  It almost looks as if both Syria and Russia were operating in bad faith.  It's no wonder Kerry isn't getting what he wants, if that kind of unexpected development is going to keep sabotaging his strategies.

As Powerline notes:
I am starting to understand why so many liberals are isolationists.  If your foreign policy is going to be this bad, isolationism might well be a better alternative:  a variant on the medical injunction, “First, do no harm.”


E Hines said...

His hero Neville Chamberlain: That man lied to me.

Kerry's also in Jakarta likening "climate change" to weapons of mass destruction. Sort of like his colleague, the Special Assistant to the President for Science and Technology, John Holdren, saying with a straight face Weather practically everywhere is being influenced by climate change.

That's what we get when we put a community organizer in the White House and a motor boat skipper as one of his chief...lieutenants.

Eric Hines

DL Sly said...

Turnip truck? You sure that wasn't a truffle truck? Or a ketchup truck?