This promise he'll keep

"If you like your nukes, you can keep your nukes."  That's the way you solve conflict when you're a Nobel Peace Prize winner.  Iran won't exactly freeze its enrichment program, but it will potentially stop accelerating the rate of its production, if it feels like it, after we lift sanctions.  Such a deal!

As Ace noted recently, the President really is earning that Prize:  this lunacy has induced Israel and Saudi Arabia to work together.  He's even stirred up France, which has vivid memories of the last time it tried to get Israel to swallow a mortal threat while making ineffectual, scrabbling motions in the direction of controlling anti-semitic madness in the Middle East.  In 1967, when it was Israel's chief military supplier, France threatened to cut off the pipeline if Israel launched a pre-emptive strike.  Israel thought about it, then decided not to commit suicide, many of its people having vivid memories of the last time they failed to fight back before it was too late.  These days, France knows that wagging its finger at Israel isn't going to cut any ice as long as that country is under existential threat.  Israel is not in the habit of making idle threats about its self-preservation.

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