Credibility trickle-down

You can't get low-information voters to pay attention to much detail, but you can create a mood of powerful skepticism if you screw the pooch often enough.  A small-town Pennsylvania mayor found that out when he lost his seat to a candidate who didn't think much of his support for Mayor Bloomberg nationwide anti-gun crusade:
“Look, people outside of Washington look at all of the spying with the NSA and problems with the IRS they see coming out of D.C., and they just don't trust the government,” he said.  “I understand that, they just don't want any more interference.”

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raven said...

Lots of people are coming to the conclusion the feral gov is becoming indistinguishable from an occupying force.

The blunt and ugly truth is we are farmed like animals for our tax revenue- and now our overlords have decided to trim all the low return medical care- if you are too young to pay tax, or too old to work , you will not receive any care, except for hospice. Or euthanasia.