"Sir, you are recreating."

If you know anyone who was caught outside the country on 9/11 and unable to fly back home for several days, you know what it's like to be caught up in a national emergency and temporarily inconvenienced.  You probably never expected to be locked in a hotel at gunpoint in Yellowstone Park, though, or forbidden to take snapshots of buffalo from your bus window.  "Stop recreating this instant!"

I think the park rangers in this story are the spiritual brothers of our local game warden, whose mission in life is to use his tiny police power to harass golf cart drivers.


Eric Blair said...

They are actually the spiritual brothers of Police Battalion 101.

raven said...

Yes, they are- along with most who labor for the New Lords. And those on the permanent dole.
Societal cracks are appearing , and it seems they are accelerating like crack development in a stressed part- exponentially.