Breaking the back of summer

Yesterday was in the 90s, but the low this morning dipped in the 50s.  We haven't have lows in the 50's since spring.  Although hot weather surely will return before long, this is the sign that summer doesn't last forever, much as it seems that way after four solid months of opening the front door onto a sauna every morning.

Now we come into the six months of the year that make people want to live here.  A lot of weeding chores have been piling up!  And the neighborhood can resume its spring schedule of outdoor dinners and relaxing on the porch with drinks.


E Hines said...

Yeah. It rained all day yesterday in temperatures in the 40s, and today it's still in the mid-50s.


That's enough winter. I'm ready for summer to come back. There's a reason I'm from the Midwest, and cold weather (and its extreme--snow) play major parts in that reason.

Eric Hines

Gringo said...

I was going to write "This happened in TX also this weekend," but then I saw that Texan99 wrote it. We now have a respite from summer heat for nearly 8 months.

I don't mind the TX September day: highs in 90s, lows 70-75. The days when when it is 90 degrees at 10 p.m. are the days that make me long for winter.

If you can call the TX winter "winter."

Anonymous said...

Up in the Panhandle we call Texas winter [redacted]. It got to 38 this AM, and the butterflies and migratory birds have started passing through. Now, if only we could get another inch or two of rain (not all at once this time, please), and it'd be perfect!


DL Sly said...

Yesterday was a comfortable 60 with a slight breeze out of the north. The pear trees have dropped their fruit and most of the garden has been picked and pulled. Of that which is still in the ground, we are having to cover the pumpkins nightly to prevent frost damage. MH, the VES and I got outside to begin the fall trimming of the verge. The trees have been turning for a few weeks now and the mountaintops are glistening with fresh snow.
Y'all can have that 90 degree stuff. Give me seasons and weather. I've had enough monotony.