How thick is your bubble?

It's Friday, and that means it's Quiz Time!  For once, I've found a quiz where I score right smack in the middle of the road.  Apparently I'm neither working class nor upper class, but truly middlebrow.  Score:  44.


Anonymous said...
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Gringo said...

I scored 55:
42–100: A first-generation middle-class person with working-class parents and average television and movie going habits. Typical: 66

Not quite true. Rather that I have had exposure to the working class from childhood on, including adult jobs.

One of my grandfathers had a Master's degree from Columbia. My parents were professionals with graduate degrees, but we lived in a "normal" town which was predominantly working class, with a smattering of educated people. While my father and his father had graduate degrees, both were skilled enough to earn their living as carpenters.

As my mother was the first in her family to attend college, we had some less-educated relatives- including her brother who graduated from high school at age 15 in the Depression, when there was no money for college. But he did fine, as brains counted more than credentials in the jobs he held. The last job he had,as a plant manager, was one which a degreed engineer would ordinarily have held.

Re average movie and TV habits: I haven't gone to a movie theater in about 10 years, nor watched TV for about 5 years. What movies I have seen at home have tended to be old or foreign. But having watched Judge Judy et al once or twice some two decades ago counted for something.

Gringo said...

While my father and his father had graduate degrees, both were skilled enough to earn their living as carpenters instead of in the professional jobs they had.

DL Sly said...


Although, I found it funny when looking at the tv selections and our household only watched three. Same with the movie selections...and it wasn't from going to theatres, Gringo. I have pretty sensitive ears and therefore haven't been to but a handful of movies over the last decade. This is due to the volume levels in today's theatre's having gotten so loud that I have to take ear plugs -- even then, I have to cover my ears on some of the louder segments. So, we wait and buy the dvd; this way we can listen at our volume level, pause to pee, rewind when we missed something, etc.

Grim said...

59, which isn't bad for someone who never watches TV and prefers old movies. Don't eat out much either.

DL Sly said...

Yeah, we don't eat out much either, Grim. Tonight being a different situation, though, as we celebrate MH's birthday.

Hope all is going smoothly on the home front.

E Hines said...


As antisocial as I am, some of the questions were hard to answer in a meaningful way.

Poverty? I grew up with both parents as teachers in an era when teachers didn't get paid much, and we lived in various iterations of Dinky-Town, IA. There aren't any Metropolitan Areas in Iowa.

Now I live in an upscale neighborhood in a well-off suburb of the Metroplex, and my wife and I are distinct minorities on a broad range of demographics.

Not sure how to interpret these results.

Eric Hines

Anonymous said...

53, but then there are probably not a lot of history PhDs who can do spray maps and mix chemicals for ag pilots.


james said...

Just for laughs, I tried to see how Mother Teresa would score, mapping some questions onto approximate equivalents.


Anonymous said...

44. I wonder if the score would change since my house doesn't have a TV and I had to guess about what we were watching in '09-'10.

douglas said...

33, which I suppose isn't bad for a lifelong resident of Los Angeles. I think what kept me from a higher score were the ones asking about a close friend- so if I knew people like that but didn't consider them close friends, I'd have to enter 'no', or for instance, the one about someone who couldn't do better than a low C grade- I don't know what grades many of my high school friends got.