They never learn

James O'Keefe always uses the same trick to get people to admit what they're doing.  He pretends to be a guy with a scam to bilk money out of the taxpayers, and he runs it by an organization he suspects is aiding and abetting similar scams.  He gets them talking and joshing with him.  He repeats, in increasingly outrageous terms, exactly what kind of scam he's running and how it works like a charm.  They laugh and agree that, yes, it works just like that, and they're totally cool with it.  Hey, the money's sitting right there, who wouldn't pick it up?  Ah?  Ah?  Usually they give him a little friendly advice about magic words to use in packaging the scam.  Then he releases the video and waits for them to complain that they were taken out of context.

In his wake he probably leaves a trail of emergency meetings designed to prevent anyone from each organization from spilling the beans to any more strangers who might be carrying cameras.  But he keeps moving from industry to industry, so they never see him coming.  And he doesn't seem to be running out of targets.


Anonymous said...

This is outstanding! Just goes to show the corruption that happens when we stray from the enumerated powers in the Constitution. I know of only one person who is consistently asking asking the "is it constitutional" question in the House, and he is retiring this year.

Maybe I should try and go take his place...

bthun said...

"Hey, the money's sitting right there, who wouldn't pick it up? Ah? Ah?"

You're asking the wrong guy... Not too long ago, WB and I went to the moving picture show. As we left the lobby and headed to the theater proper, we saw a $100.00 on the floor. You would not believe the trouble I went through trying to get the candy counter staff to call the manager so I could turn in the C-note.

After almost ten minutes of hemming and hawing from the staff, the manager finally showed up, listened to my tale, took the bill and walked off. Not even a thanks was offered.

There are times when I no longer recognize my fellow Americans, but I could only imagine that the missing owner needed the C-note much more than did WB/I.

Yours truly,
Neanderthal, knuckledragging, flownover chump.


Grim said...

The Planned Parenthood ones still stand out for me, but yeah.

On the other hand, the O'Keefe plan is actually better than many government programs. Things aren't any worse when he gets done, after all.

Bob's Blog said...

Wonderful! I linked to you here: