This is courage, if you like.  A South Korean man soaks up Marxist fantasies to the point that he defects to North Korea with his wife and children, expecting free health care and a nice government job.  Right away he and his family are put into a brutal camp and told that his job will be to tour Europe and entice other families to the same fate.  He explains to his wife that he may have to do it in order to preserve their new life.  She slaps him in the face, saying "they would have to pay the price for his mistakes – he could not entrap others."

He goes to Copenhagen and defects, intending to spend the rest of his life telling the horrible, cautionary tale. His wife and children disappear into a camp to starve and die.

And in her place, what would we have done?


Grim said...

Most likely they were probably executed.

The only reason we allow evil like this to exist is that they have so many hostages. But it won't last forever.

Someday, the Koreans will right these wrongs. I am sure we'll be there to help, but it's really their ball. I've known some excellent South Korean men in my time, and no more committed anti-Communists ever. And I've known a few pretty committed anti-Communists!

bthun said...

"And in her place, what would we have done? "

I would imagine all of us would hope to be courageous enough to do the same.

That said, and as I've often admitted, I never like to say what I would do in any given situation. Words are cheap, not to mention the tendency they have of coming back to haunt the individual.