It's fun watching a meme take root.  This week, President Obama put his finger on the sore point that divides individualists from collectivists when he made a speech that has been paraphrased as "You didn't build that -- somebody else built it for you."  By now you've all seen a number of posters showing Mr. Obama cheerfully explaining the concept to the Wright Brothers, Thomas Edison, and Steve Jobs.  I enjoy watching the Net play with the theme:


bthun said...

Cuts to the quick, if not the bone...

raven said...

He managed to deeply insult every American who ever stated a biz.
And revealed his absolute ignorance of just how hard it is to run one.
And the feeling is a common one among his class. I heard the publicly employed (NYC lawyer) brother of a friend state how, if he wanted to make the "big bucks", he would just start a business and the money would be rolling in right away.
That is how these people think.
It is a cognitive and moral dissonance, and no matter how many examples of 70 hour weeks, putting your entire net worth on the line, going without a pay check to make ends meet, etc, they continue to believe the producing class has it easy.
And this is the meme they teach their welfare serfs.