Theme Songs

The Borderline Sociopathic Blog for Boys settles on this for their internet theme song.  There's a significant amount of bad language, but the singer is Russian, so probably it's not even obscene by relevant community standards.  In any case, 2:37-2:50 is brilliant.

I never thought of having a theme song.  Nevertheless, I guess our theme song would have to be this.

Well, OK, it has the disadvantage of being an hour and nine minutes long.  But it's worth it, and isn't that the point?


E Hines said...

I might suggest Beethoven's 9th, the 4th movement.

It's what a theme song should be--short (under 24 minutes) and catchy.

And it's a fundamentally optimistic piece.

Or this one:

Or this, which has absolutely nothing to do with your blog, but it's short and catchy.

Eric Hines

Anonymous said...

I'm partial to "March of the Cambreath" or William Billings' "Chester . . ."

"When tyrants raise their iron swords/ And slavery rattles galling chains/ We'll fear them not. We trust in G-d/ New England's G-d forever reigns."