Troll Valley Comes to Life

Lars Walker proves prescient.  My favorite scene in Troll Valley was this one, where the prohibitionist is haranguing dissenters in her family by reading pro-temperance newspaper clips at breakfast, and commanding approval of the sentiments.  One morning she read a letter to an editor:
"I would like to relate an incident that occurred on the approach of my youngest daughter's eighth birthday," the correspondent said.  "Upon my inquiring of the innocent what she desired as a gift for the impending celebration, she looked at me with grave, ingenuous blue eyes and said, 'Mother, what I would like most is to see the ratification of Prohibition.'  Think what sorrow was mine to be compelled to inform her that we must await the pleasure of our legislators before this blessing can be ours!  It is apparent to the most obtuse that even the babes in arms are alive to the necessity of the reform of our civilization.  How much longer must they live in fear of the drunkard and his madness?  For our children's sake, we must drive Rum from our shores." 
Mother sighed. "Have you ever heard a more touching story?" she asked. 
Bestefar shook his head.  "I think any child who says she wants Prohibition for her birthday will probably steal as well as lie." 
Mother's cheeks flamed.  "What a wicked thing to say!"
Bestefar was right, of course.  However, the trick doesn't only work on parents longing for the reform of our civilization; it can work on parents of the defenders, too.


Texan99 said...

I'm only a couple of chapters in so far.

Grim said...

We can wait for you. Perhaps some others will (wisely) decide to join us.

Lars Walker said...

I hate being right.

Texan99 said...

Finished now. What a fine book, Lars. I think my favorite part may have been the re-telling of "Snow White, Rose Red."