Kerry Wins Iowa Democratic Presidential Caucuses (

Dean a Distant Third in Iowa:

This seems like an early indication of good news for the NRA and my liquor cabinet. Of course, Iowa is a little strange as predictors go. Still, it's interesting that the candidate with the largest Democratic fundraising and a famed organization should finish a distant third, having managed only roughly half the delegates of the second-place finisher, John Edwards. That gives Dean fewer than one in five of the total delegates.

The Dean blog carries some pretty sorrowful notes just now. "Jane Doe" speaks for the movement, I expect, when she says: "And now, I move to France. Goodnight America. I wish you luck." Don't let the door hit you, Jane.

I think the Edwards finish is the story of the night, really. I expected him to be out of the race by now. He seems like a nice young fellow, a good Southerner and a resolute in refusing to go negative. Unlike Dean, he could do well in the South. If this finish gets some attention for him, his campaign may pick up from here. He's still a very long shot, but it's no longer implausible that he could win.

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