Dispatches From Colonel Kurt’s Cruise

Quite a few old bloggers here tonight. Of the BLACKFIVE crew, me and Jim and Mr. Wolf. Ace of Spades is here. So is “Armed Liberal” of Winds of Change. [UPDATE: And streiff from Red State.] Lots of vets, lots of national security experts. Two Democrats [UPDATE: three], otherwise Republicans, but all are celebrating the day’s news. Great Ethiopian food thanks to one of the guests, an immigrant and friend. A quite respectable outlay of beer and wine [UPDATE: plus very fine bourbon and Laphroaig]. One professional comedian, one author of adventure fiction. One of Ted Cruz’s people, but otherwise no politicos that I’m aware of myself.

Colonel Kurt is a wild and crazy guy. Ace of Spades came dressed in a sailor suit.

UPDATE: A very pleasant evening. I spent most of it on one corner of Jim's patio that was staked out by myself and an old Iraq comrade, where we were joined by a rotating assortment of the veterans from the party. Jim traveled more widely, and probably has better stories -- or anyway stories he's more likely to repeat. Good times.

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