A Disappointing Day

Today I've learned that my hopes to someday be appointed to the Supreme Court are never going to pan out. Apparently drinking in college, getting in bar fights, and similar things can be held against you in that regard. Fortunately, thanks to former President Obama, we know that cocaine and marijuana use cannot be held against you in your quest to become President; but unfortunately for me, I've never used cocaine or marijuana. I might have had some beer, though; and I can't promise under oath that there have never been any bar fights. Friendly ones, more or less. Just good fun. All the same, there might have been some.

Apparently this sort of thing is disqualifying. The latest story I've heard is that someone is alleging that K's frat may have hired a stripper to perform a "public sex act" at the frathouse, albeit after he had graduated and gone on to law school. I'd heretofore understood the Democratic Party's position on 'sex workers' to be that they should be treated with respect, which surely should mean that giving them some employment shouldn't be beyond the pale. I certainly don't wish to suggest that people who engage in such work are necessarily immoral or wicked, nor those who employ them; all the same, I've never been interested. However, I did once attend a birthday party where a stripper performed. I was 15 or 16, and so embarrassed that I fled immediately. But the folks who employed her were Volunteer firefighters, friends of my father's and pillars of the community insofar as they'd report anywhere in the middle of the night to deal with fire or accident. They just liked to see a pretty girl once in a while. They had no intention of assaulting her, and she was performing there of her own free will.

Catholic theologians can explain just why this is nevertheless sinful, although at the moment the Church might better avail itself of expunging the beam in its own eye than in explication in the mote in others'. In fact one might argue that the Church might have better employed strippers occasionally, as by all accounts it used to do, than to have handed itself over to those who didn't care to see a pretty girl once in a while. Lusting after the pretty girl who voluntarily performs for you can be handled in Confession; the assault on the children is unlikely to be as readily satisfied, even according to the most careful theology of the Church.

The Democratic Party is not covering itself in democracy here. Opposing sex and beer and rowdy fire may be moral according to some visions, but not according to the democratic vision.

All the same, I've learned this week that I'll never be a judge. Too bad for you: I'm a pretty lenient one. You'll be sad to be judged by those who never had a fault themselves, if such people can in fact be found. As Chesterton warned: "Oh drunkards in my cellar, boys in my apple tree: the world grows stiff and strange and new, and wise men shall rule over you; and you shall weep for me."


douglas said...

You are surely not alone.
I just can't figure out how the Democrats think going after his *college* beer drinking is going to sway Joe and Jane Sixpack (the average working class American) against the good Judge.

MikeD said...

I am reminded of nothing more strongly than when there's a scandal where members of a local high school band are discovered to have been DRINKING ILLEGALLY during a band trip! And all the adults in the area clutch their pearls and exclaim how AWFUL it is, and how truly we are living in Sodom and Gomorrah, and I just want to slap the hypocrisy right off their stupid faces when I KNOW they drank in high school (and worse) themselves.

Shockingly, I did not drink in high school, and it made me an outcast. I did my drinking in college, and yes, one time I was even blackout drunk (the next day's misery taught me never to do that again). But for all these neo-puritans who are suddenly innocent as lambs about alcohol and young men, I just cannot abide their faux-outrage.

E Hines said...

If throwing ice cubes in a bar is disqualifying, I shudder to think what throwing wine-soaked dinner rolls at Dinings In would disqualify one from (not that I would ever do such a thing. Certainly not with a cardboard tube and lighter fluid for extending the range.)

Eric Hines

Grim said...

Talking with Jimbo this morning, we were both laughing at the idea of either of us doing a confirmation hearing -- just to blow the Senate's mind. He's telling bar fight stories from his SF days on Twitter right now.

Thos. said...

I've never been in a bar fight (I don't drink, so I don't really spend enough time in bars to have fought in one), but I can only imagine that the experienced barfighters of this world are all scratching their heads and saying, "Ice?".

Texan99 said...

That's something I think people enjoy about Pres. Trump: they dig up trashy but completely ordinary episodes from his past and get nothing back but a "so what?" Trump doesn't get particularly upset, nor is there a blip in his approval ratings. There's no traction at all.

I haven't given up hope that the Democrats will pay a horrible price for all this at the voting both.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

The Democrats do this not because their possible constituents are actually outraged, but because it gives people cover for the outrage they have already decided to feel due to the threat of losing power. Intellectual consistency is of no value.