Crashing and burning

From Jonah Goldberg, at best a lukewarm sometimes-Trumper:
But that’s not your job, you supposedly objective journalists. You should care every bit as much about disproving the allegations of Swetnick, Ramirez, and — yes — Ford as proving them. Your job — as you’ve said countless times, preening in your heroic martyr status in the age of Trump — is to report the facts. If Swetnick is lying, you should want to report that every bit as much as you would if you could prove that Kavanaugh is. Because you’re not supposed to have a team. It’s fine if you support the #MeToo movement in your private time, but you’re not supposed to lend any movement aid and comfort, never mind air cover, in your reporting.
Now, I get that most journalists are liberal, even if they deny it. I understand that most think they’re just seeking the truth. But, dear champions of the Fourth Estate, you might take just a moment to understand that you need to be fair to the other side of the argument even if you disagree with it.
You might also consider why millions of people love it when Trump says you are the enemy of the people: It’s because of how you are behaving right now. You’re letting the mask slip in Nielsen-monitored 15-minute blocks of virtue-signaling partisanship. You’re burning credibility at such a rate, you won’t have enough to get back to base when this is all over.


Christopher B said...

It’s because of how you are behaving right now.

Oh, BS, Jonah. This goes back to Watergate at least, accelerated during the Reagan years (anybody else remember Sam Donaldson, the Jim Acosta of his time?), and hit terminal velocity in 2008. The only thing left now is how big a hole the media's credibility is going to leave when it hits ground.

E Hines said...

when Trump says you are the enemy of the people

And here is Goldberg carefully saying, "Do as I say, not as I do" with his repetition of that obvious lie.

Eric Hines