Who Are the Bigots?

Valerie asked a good question in a recent thread-
"Who are the bigots? The ones over at The Donald subreddit, who give a rowdy welcome to the ladies, hispanics, jews, Muslims, and LGBTers, their candidate, who states his goal as making the country great for all of its citizens, or the political party that insists that people must vote their skin color or biological parts, or sex lives?"
I think Ami Horowitz has illustrated the answer to this in a powerful and simple way with this video:
Pretty clear, right?


Gringo said...

Quote of the day, "maybe racist but more stupidity and ignorance" to believe Blacks don't have access to the Internet, can't get to the DMV to get ID, etc.

Quote of the day for video of the day.

douglas said...

Yeah, that's it alright. It's the "soft bigotry of low expectations", which of course is really almost the worst because as Lewis said, they'll inflict it on you with the blessing of their consciences.

Ymar Sakar said...

When I read what the slave lords wrote concerning why slavery was justified, much of it was pretty much the same as the "soft bigotry".

Meaning, they often claimed that blacks were born to work in the fields, that they would be unhappy if they had freedom or education. It was a cultural, economic, class, and religious justification, part of a whole system stronger than even some Demoncrat bubbles.

I had many expectations of what people back then thought about the justifications of slavery, but being proud of it wasn't quite what I expected. Well, many things concerning human behavior wasn't quite what I expected.