Religious Liberty is a Gift from God

...not an indulgence by the state.
The Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals refused to exempt the nuns because it considered their understanding of their own religious beliefs “unconvincing.”
That's just the kind of thing that is going to bring this situation to a head.

UPDATE: It's not just nuns.
Coming to the fore over issues of personal identity, most saliently in relation to the gay-rights movement, same-sex marriage, and transgender rights, it has resulted in a legal battle in which the radioactive charge of “discrimination,” borrowed from the civil-rights movement of the 1960s, is wielded as a weapon to isolate, impugn, and penalize dissenting views held by Americans of faith and informing the conduct of their religious lives.

Jews are hardly the only group at risk from developments in this area of progressive agitation; up till now, its main targets have been believing Christians. Perhaps for that same reason, Jews have also not been in the front ranks of those raising an alarm. Nevertheless, the threat to them, and to the practice of Judaism, especially by Orthodox Jews, is very real. Unlike in the past, the threat comes not from private initiatives; it comes from government.


Ymar Sakar said...

75% of the so called Jews in the uS, vote hardline Demoncrat.

They have already sold their souls for the expected results. If human knowledge and wealth was what they craved, all they had to do was emulate Soros.

Ymar Sakar said...

They “thought they had guaranteed all associations the right to meet, with the sole limitation that they behave peaceably. That freedom has slipped away.”

Author is underestimating the Founding Fathers and portraying them as idiots.

The FFs already said that the REpublic they gave you was only something you could earn and sustain if you were a moral and righteous people. Meaning, obedient to God's divine laws, not merely obeying human laws because you fear the consequences. That's how freedom is maintained in human tribes.

The moment Americans start to slip off the righteous path and start sacrificing human children to some deus ex machina Bhaal look a like using Aztec Blood magic for profit... well, the consequences are to be expected.

Even the Jews that want to solve this problem, can only look at it in terms of human made laws, not divine ones. Which is why they will fail and also fall, with the rest of the nation.