OODA Loop Beats AK

A concealed carrier takes down a rifleman.

We often hear this can't be done. Of course it can be done. It just can't always be done. If the guy walks in with his rifle and lights you up first thing, you aren't going to have a chance to do anything. But if he's there for something else, and you're careful not to be observed bringing your own weapon to bear, you have the advantage provided that you can hit your target. He's going to have to observe you, orient to what he's observing, and decide to shoot you before he can do it. If you're decisive, it's possible.


Ymar Sakar said...

Of course it can be done. At the higher levels, it would be "hip shooting AK" vs "hip shooting pistol user".

Without prior experience/training, people cannot accurately hit anything shooting from the hip. But those that can, with their specific weapon, has an edge on anybody else who has to use up precious time to "line up the sights".

That doesn't include zig zagging into cover, right after taking a shot. So even if your first one misses, there's a chance to counter attack.

Ymar Sakar said...

That should be into cover as you are taking a shot, not after. Two movements as one, rather than sequential. It affects accuracy, which is why people don't it, standing at the range. The range target isn't shooting back. In cases where shots are coming at you, being able to fire and hit the target on the dot, whether target is moving or not, and also take cover in the same movement sequence, presents a rather high skill level, even if the enemy has a supposedly "superior weapon".