Immigration and Terrorism

A post at Fabius Maximus.
Europe is in a situation much like the forests of the western US. Years of policy errors have made both into large tinderboxes. Prevention is impossible; massive fires are inevitable. Mitigation is the only option. That’s easy (albeit expensive) with forest fires. Less so with the consequences of mass immigration.

France will have to live with the great rings around its cities of disaffected, poor, unassimilated migrants and their children. Fundamental Islamic groups have spent years building their infrastructure, with jihadists lurking within. More attacks are likely.
One could also cut down the forests. We don't, but only because we value the forests a great deal.


Jason said...

Spain expelled her Jews. There's no reason France couldn't expel her Muslims, and far more reason to do so.

douglas said...

I think it was pretty much since 9/11 that my (Hungarian born) wife and I have been agreeing that Europe would deny the problem until it became too much to bear, and then would over-react as it always has, in the most vile and ugly ways. So far, it's looking like we may have, unfortunately, been correct.

I think there's little question that France ought to expel quite a few immigrants and visa holders, and I'm guessing that it would be legal in France to do so if they wished to. No need to expel all. Just enough to pour l'encourager les autres.