Opposition Leader in Venezuela Assassinated

The head of the UNT party was shot dead while traveling in one of Venezuela's western states. The UNT is a collection of labor unions that supported Hugo Chavez. It is not the only labor party in Venezuela, but one particularly tied to the communists.


Assistant Village Idiot said...

This is so terribly sad.

Grim said...

I realize it must be as upsetting to many of you as it is to me.

Gringo said...

Sad, but not surprising.In response to the February 2014 demonstrations, Chavismo unleashed its "motorizados" - armed motorcycle gangs- to kill demonstrators. And then called the demonstrators violent and lawless.

Recall the "como sea" motto of Chavismo, which can be translated as "by any means possible." Such as the TSJ- Venezuela's Supreme court- NEVER ruling against the government in some 4,500 cases over the span of a decade. [That number includes cases the TSJ refused to review.] The TSJ has repeatedly ruled that laws which the current oppo-dominated National Assembly passes are invalid.

Godgiven Hair -the English translation of Chavista honcho Disodado Cabello- knows that any regime change will involve jail, given the numerous violations of law he has committed. The same can be said of countless high-level Chavistas. How many First Ladies have nephews who have been arrested for cocaine trafficing- hundreds of pounds worth? Maduros' wife is the only one I know of.

Perhaps some sort of amnesty for GodGiven could be worked out, but I doubt it.